Report Writer

The Pyramid application has hundreds of inbuilt ‘standard’ reports many of which can be run using ‘run-time’ parameters e.g. start date, end date etc.

It also contains an inbuilt native report writer which allows reporting on any data held within the database. Reports can be written either using a wizard or the more experienced user may wish to write them directly. Reports can be either ad-hoc i.e. write once, run once or created and published to users i.e. write once, run many allowing individual users to run them as required. The inbuilt security ensures that users running reports only access the employees they are authorised to.

The application also integrates with third party software including Microsoft Word and Excel. Data can be both exported to Excel (at the click of a button) and also imported, whilst data can be exported to Word and if required merged into predefined company templates e.g. contracts, letters, absence memos etc. If required merged documents can be ‘held’ against an employee within our integrated Document Management System.

All data including historic is held on line in real time a fact that builds a dataset that can provide powerful statistical analysis and trend reporting.

A major benefit to the reporting function is that the Payroll Module has no concept of closing a tax year in that it ‘rolls’ into the new tax year. This fact allows clients to report, if applicable, ‘cross tax year’ resulting in management information that can directly align with a clients’ financial year.

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