Payroll (Detail)

Whilst it may seem an obvious statement paying employees both on time and correctly is critical to any business.

Over the years Payroll has become more complex a fact driven in the main by changes in legislation, most recently the addition of Real Time Information (RTI) and Auto Enrolment (AE) both of which are on-going.

We have always looked to ensure that this complexity is fronted by an application that is simple and intuitive to use whilst still retaining the power and flexibility to deliver an effective and accurate Payroll module.

The Power of Calculations:

Back in 1996 the foundation of Pyramid was laid in the form of the ‘Calculation Engine’ the ‘core’ of Pyramid Payroll. The ‘engine’ was designed by Payroll managers who knew from day one that it had to be fast, totally accurate and flexible enough to accommodate any possible future changes in areas such as  tax, national insurance, pensions etc.

Our ‘Calculation Engine’ out of the box supports unlimited payroll recalculations by frequency and at differing levels i.e. Company, Department or individual employee up until the final ‘calc’ is run.

Gross pay:

The starting point for accurately paying an employee is ensuring that their gross pay is correct. Pyramid provides multiple methods for collating the information required for calculating gross pay including fixed amounts (salaries), data imports, direct keying, timesheet entry (including via Self Service) etc.

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